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The market opportunity for mobile print


The increasing popularity of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model - driven by the need for people to stay connected at all times, whether at home, school or work - is a key driver in accelerating the uptake for mobile print solut... [more]

Mobile Print to thrive in retail thanks to connected customers


These days, we can’t be without our mobiles, Smartphones or tablet PCs. This devotion to devices is changing how we shop. According to data from Custora's new E-Commerce Pulse Mobile Report, the percentage of traffic coming to e-commerce sites from mobile devices jumped from three percent to nearly 37 percent in the past four yea... [more]

5 Ways to boost your productivity this autumn


With the holiday season now in full swing, millions of businesses and workers are enjoying some much deserved downtime. Here, we have presented some measures you can take to channel your refreshed energy levels to help you be more productive when returning to work after the su... [more]

The Benefit of Keeping Your Message Simple


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Leonardo da Vinci allegedly stated. What would he make of today’s always-on world where we are endlessly bombarded with distractions from all manner of sou... [more]

Turning Your Print Technology Into Profit


Now there are encouraging signs that the economy is improving, it’s an apt time to look at how else Xeretec can help your company prosper in the future. We have created Xeretec Xcel specifically to provide web-to-print, variable data and personalisation produc... [more]

Maintaining a solid business reputation online


In today’s digital world, there’s no denying that a businesses’ online presence is as important as its physical one. Given the speed and reach of global communications thanks to social media outlets and the blogger community, reputation management has taken on a whole new significance. If an issue is left unchecked or neglected online, it can cause immeasurable damage to a bra... [more]

Ensure your business has a timely kick-off for the 2014 FIFA World Cup!


Football fan or not, there’ll be no escaping the 2014 FIFA World Cup this month. For pubs and bars – or any hospitality venue and high street printer – the World Cup presents many opportuniti... [more]

Keep it legal!


In this blog we cover the main considerations a legal firm has in regards to their print and explain how some effective measures can help control co... [more]

Diminishing the impact of downtime


What’s the oldest business-related cliché? Chances are it could be that ‘time is money’. While it might be an old saying, if research by Dunn & Bradstreet is anything to go by, it’s just as relevant tod... [more]

Google Cloud Print


You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Google Cloud Print recently. In this FAQ, we have addressed some of the questions we’re being asked, to give you an overview of how this technology can benefit your busine... [more]

Tullow Oil strikes gold with Xeretec


All companies like to save money. Though a product or service may have many benefits, if it can save a company money, this is the benefit they’ll be most interested ... [more]

Xeretec’s Ipex update


Xeretec’s group production director, Warren Beard explains why Ipex 2014 has been a w... [more]

The significance of Xeretec’s presence at IPEX 2014


In this blog, Xeretec’s Group Production Director, Warren Beard, explains the significance of Xeretec’s presence at IPEX... [more]

5 tips to stay Motivated


We’ve all had days when we’re extremely busy, but we’ve also had days when it is difficult to summon up the motivation to get goi... [more]

Cloud computing – an even formation for business?


For many companies, adopting a cloud computing model is inevitable if they are to effortlessly embrace business practices like mobile or remote working, not least because of the rise of BY... [more]
1 - 15 of 63 Results
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