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Top Tips for a Greener Office

We’ve all got a role to play in looking after the planet, and one place we can start making a difference is in the office. By working together with your colleagues, you can make your office greener, while helping your company save money, too! Here are a few tips on simple steps you can take today to make for a greener working environment.

1. Go digital

 Reduce your office’s consumption of paper and toner by encouraging staff to read, send and store digital documents. Not only is this easy to do, but it increases the security and traceability of your documents, which is important if you’re in a heavily legislated industry that’s obliged to keep records for a long time. By implementing a document management solution, you can significantly reduce the amount of pages being printed and copied, thus minimizing your environmental impact.


 2. Implement print policies

Make double-sided printing the default on your print devices. This can almost halve the number of sheets you use when printing large files and documents. Staff should also be encouraged to consider how necessary it is to print each document, as many offices find that staff are printing documents unnecessarily. Intelligent print management solutions can also be implemented which ensure that you use paper more wisely, which not only improves your environmental efficiency but also your office efficiency; and, at the same time, those savings positively impact the company’s bottom line.


 3. Recycle the paper you use

If you only use one of our tips, use this one. There’s no excuse not to recycle paper, given how easy it is to do.


 4. Replace stand-alone office products with multifunction systems

 Install devices that can print, copy, scan and fax all in one. By doing so, you are reducing your environmental impact by having fewer devices using energy, while simultaneously reducing the volume of different toners and cartridges that your office consumes. You’ll also save space, and you’ll only have one person to contact if there’s a problem, rather than trying to remember who’s responsible for supporting four different devices.

5. Recycle your ink/toner cartridges

There’s no reason not to. Even this has been made easy.

6. Conduct a print assessment

Conduct an assessment of your office devices, and consider whether every device is necessary. Many offices have more devices on hand than are necessary, meaning that energy (and space) is being wasted by having these devices plugged in and active, yet they’re not being kept busy enough to warrant their presence.  

By reducing the number of devices in a fleet, better use is made of the remaining devices and energy consumption is reduced as fewer machines are plugged in. Xeretec has developed its own software tools – Xeretec Pulse and Xeretec Vision – which can help to assess the print environment and usage, displaying results in easy-to-interpret dashboards with What-If scenario analysis functionality. Together with this software, we can identify any over- or under-utilisation of devices, and can make suggestions for improving efficiency based on the findings.


Don’t wait until tomorrow to make the move to a green office. Talk to Xeretec and we’ll help you get on the path to a more environmentally-friendly future, today.

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