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Break Fix Services

Break Fix Services

We offer competitive, rapid-response break fix, printer repair contract Service and consumables service plans, whether your equipment is purchased from Xeretec or not. We offer a wide variety of service plans that are guaranteed to minimise downtime and maximise customer satisfaction.

5 Great Reasons to Switch Service to Xeretec

  1. Eliminate the risk of sub-standard service when transitioning from one hardware provider to another
  2. Unrivalled value for money
  3. Responsive, brand-independent service
  4. Lower costs for greater profitability
  5. Work with people who care for about business as much as you do!

Whether you are migrating your hardware infrastructure to Xeretec, or simply reviewing your current contract, we have a service plan ideally suited to your environment.

How Do I Change Service Provider?

Switching your service contract to Xeretec couldn’t be simpler. A senior account team member will conduct a comprehensive fact-find (SLA expectation, number and type of devices etc) and then propose the service plan that best fits your requirements. We work directly with your current supplier to terminate your current contract prior to launching your new Xeretec service plan.

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