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We are totally committed to preserving our environment, through the greener printing products we sell and our every day operational activity.  If you have concerns about print reduction and compliance, we can help.

Our Environmentally Friendly Products and Solutions

Our commitment to the environment is underpinned by our alliances with world-leading organisations whose green policies are well defined and truly global in extent.

HP designs award-winning products that are sustainable throughout their life cycles, and they offer product reuse and recycling solutions. They adopt an exemplary, holistic approach to energy efficiency and set high environmental standards throughout their operations and supply chain.

In 1993 Xerox launched the company's Earth Awards to reward Xerox employees for their dedication to protecting the environment whilst developing innovative technology. This year more than 50 award submissions came from 16 global Xerox facilities; the Earth Awards honoured projects that collectively saved $7.3 million in costs, more than 1.3 million pounds in waste elimination and 500,000 KWH in energy.

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