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IT Services

Xeretec’s IT Service has been created to meet the demands of small or medium sized businesses who do not need permanently employed IT personnel, yet still need access to expertise.

Available on a pay-as-you-go or tailored contract basis, the service minimises business downtime, whilst saving time and money.

Furthermore, Xeretec is an appointed Dell partner and can supply, install and support PC’s, workstations, laptops and servers.

PC and Workstation installation and/or troubleshooting

Xeretec will cover Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 operating systems along with supporting Microsoft Office and other common PC applications.

Server installation and/or troubleshooting

We can support the latest Windows server operating systems or maintain current server hardware if required. With the advance in hardware technology, we are able to supply servers with virtualised environments using VMware, allowing customers to run several server operating systems on a physical server, helping to reduce costs.

Network installation and/or troubleshooting

Our engineers can install network cabling, either for a new office or to add additional network points to an existing cable system. Most customers have a mix of cabled networks, for PC’s, servers, printers and Wireless for mobiles, tablets or laptops. All site surveys are free of charge.

Network backup solutions

 Backup solutions are one of the most critical areas for businesses, not only to protect servers and data from a system crash but to setup offsite backups to protect from fire or theft. There are many backup technologies for both onsite and offsite backup.We will conduct a free of charge review to ensure your business data is protected

Email Solutions (On-Premise and Hosted options)

Many customers still prefer to host their own internal email server and we can support and supply on-premise solutions using a variety of different email server software. Over the last few years, many companies have moved their email solutions to the Cloud using Google Apps for Business, which Xeretec will support. As always there are advantages  and disadvantages to either an internal email server or hosting in the Cloud, so it is critical that your business is assessed so that the best solutions is provided for your users and business.

Software Licensing

Working with a number of software providers we can supply all major software brands, either as boxed products or on volume licensing plans.

Internet &VPN connections

There are many different technologies to connect your company to the Internet from ADSL through to faster fibre connections. The type of Internet connection available to businesses is often based on the office location, we can review your current Internet connection and check the options that may be available now. With customers that have several offices, it is often critical that they are linked together over secure Virtual Private Networks, allowing the sharing of data between offices.

IT Security - anti-virus, anti-spam & firewalls

With so many threats to your business from viruses and malware it is critical that the best solution is implemented to protect your data and end users.

System Health checks

For contract customers we conduct regular system checks to ensure their servers and core system are running smoothly to minimise network or server disruption.

Free consultation

Book an appointment with one of our IT specialists who will look at your current infrastructure and will recommend the most appropriate cover and support.

For more information contact 0800 074 8136

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