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Print Audit and Analysis Service

Print Audit and Analysis Service

Print audits are crucial to a business as few companies know exactly how much they spend on print, copy and fax, and most are unable to evaluate costs in context, taking efficiency and productivity into consideration. Our comprehensive print audit service gets printing and document production back on track. We use internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma methodologies to accurately define, measure, analyse, improve and control your print environment.

Define, Measure and Analyse

Our Print Audit practitioners use data-driven measurement tools to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your existing print environment. Lean Six Sigma analysis enables us to recommend strategies that are backed by a solid financial business case and are appropriate for your environment and business culture. Our approach equips you to make fact-based decisions that yield positive results in an agreed timescale.

Xeretec’s Lean Six Sigma approach:

Six Sigma Chart


Improve and Implement

Once the print audit strategy and timescale are agreed, we work hand-in-hand with you to implement innovative solutions and improve your environment. In some environments small optimisation adjustments may be all that is necessary to meet business objectives; others may benefit from complete infrastructure change programmes, which must be carefully managed to maximise results whilst minimising upheaval. Whatever the scale of change, we partner with you to achieve optimum results.

Manage and Control

Once implementation is complete, you’re not alone; Xeretec is with you every step of the way, ensuring ongoing delivery of Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators over the lifetime of your agreement.  

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