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Print Audit and Analysis Service

Print Audit and Analysis Service

Xeretec begins the managed print service process with an audit or assessment to fully understand how your organisation uses its devices. We use world leading, secure software to monitor the devices over a set period of time. Based on the results of this audit, we can then recommend the best solution based on the requirements and goals of your business.

A print audit is important as few companies know exactly how much they spend on print, copy and fax, and most are unable to evaluate print costs in context, taking efficiency and productivity into consideration. Our comprehensive print audit service gets printing and document production back on track, while also identifying opportunities for improving workflows and making business processes more efficient.

Our Print Audit and Assessment Team use data-driven measurement tools and software, such as our own Vision software, to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your print environment. Our comprehensive analysis enables us to recommend strategies for your print environment that are backed by a solid financial business case and are appropriate for your fleet, your documents and your processes. Our approach equips you to make fact-based decisions that yield positive results in an agreed timescale.


Using Xeretec Vision, we display the data gathered from an assessment in a graphic and interactive dashboard, allowing you to easily analyse and interpret the information. Vision provides insight into:


  • Total cost of ownership – lease, service, operational, electrical and paper costs
  • Document types – understand the types of documents being printed and from which applications
  • User results – identify who is printing documents by user, department or site
  • What If analysis – by introducing change to your print environment, what would the impact be? Vision technology allows you to view potential future states at the click of a button


Xeretec Vision                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

During our print audit, we assess how many printers / multifunction devices you have, where they are located in your office(s), who uses them, how frequently they use them and the types of jobs that are printed. We also conduct user interviews and surveys, to identify how staff use not only the printers but also how they use and interact with documents, and how they feel these documents and processes may be improved. This is done to ensure that any managed print service implemented will satisfy its users, and to ensure that we identify any opportunities to improve efficiency and business processes with workflow solutions. With this information, along with information provided by you about your business, your processes and what you would like to achieve from your managed print service, we can evaluate the best solution that will satisfy your needs and the needs of your staff on a long-term basis.


Once the print assessment is complete, and a strategy and timescale are agreed, we work hand-in-hand with you to implement innovative solutions and improve your print environment. In some environments small optimisation adjustments may be all that is required to meet business objectives; others may benefit from complete infrastructure change programmes, which must be carefully managed to maximise results whilst minimising upheaval. Whatever the scale of change, we partner with you and provide ongoing support to ensure that you achieve optimum results following this print audit.

Once implementation of a print management solution is complete, you’re not alone; Xeretec is with you, supporting you every step of the way, ensuring ongoing delivery of Service Level Agreements and Performance Indicators over the lifetime of your agreement. Our software can be installed on your printers, allowing you access to your Vision dashboard.

Benefits of a Print Audit with Xeretec:

  • Your managed print service can be tailored specifically to your needs
  • It provides you with insight into how your business prints – the documents being printed, the levels of colour vs mono documents, whether some devices are utilised more than others. Tracking these figures can help you to identify if there is a need for a wider behavioural change, if people need to be encouraged to use printers differently or print policies put in place
  • Control costs by identifying opportunities to reduce print and document expenditure
  • Security can be increased by identifying any potential risks within the print environment, such as anonymous access or an unsecured network
  • You can review and monitor the audit figures yourself using comprehensive dashboards provided by our in-house developed software tools
  • Identify opportunities for environmental gains through a reduction in deliveries, paper, electricity and/or CO2 emissions
  • Identify opportunities for increased document, process and workplace productivity
  • With Xeretec, the print audit does not end with the implementation of a managed print service or a suite of solutions. We will continually monitor and assess your print environment with our software, to proactively make suggestions and recommendations to ensure your print environment evolves with your business


At Xeretec, we view your printers as more than office equipment – they lie at the core of your business processes and are the key to smooth running operations and productivity. Therefore we put great effort into our print assessment process, so that we can ensure the most effective solutions and ongoing management for your print fleet.

For examples of how our print services have proven beneficial to companies across the UK and Ireland, please visit our case studies page

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