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Software and Added Value Printing Service Packages

Software and Added Value Printing Service Packages

Xeretec can support your business with a wide range of added-value services that extend your own service portfolio.

  • Scanning and fax: We offer a selection of scanning packages which fall into two categories:
    • Image capture – including Optical Character Recognition, customisable workflows and document assembly, to facilitate document sharing and integration with standard electronic office applications. Solutions include Scan to PC Desktop, ScanFlowStore and FreeFlow Smart Send.
    • Data capture – the automatic extraction of data from scanned documents, enabling electronic forms and invoice processing. Solutions include eCopy and Paper River.
  • Asset Management: Centreware Web and other fleet management tools allow you to control printers from a central vantage point, enabling proactive maintenance of printers and multifunction devices. Check consumables, online status and meter readings remotely and troubleshoot issues before they become apparent to users.
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