Xeretec Academy was launched 12 months ago and is based out of our Landscape office in Horndean. Set up with the aim of developing top performing sales people for the future, working with two of the world’s leading tech brands Xerox & HP. Hear from Kam about how he has found working in the Academy.

Kam joined the Xeretec academy 12 months ago and has gone on to establish a solid customer base within that time. Fresh to sales and printer sales in particular he has been able to flourish with the support and training that Xeretec Academy provides. 

What attracted you to work at the Xeretec Academy?

I was looking at a career in sales because I wanted to be able to influence my own success. Xeretec Academy in particular appealed to me as they are partnered with Xerox and HP so I knew what I would be selling would be great quality and well known. I wanted to make sure that I was part of a training programme that would provide a solid foundation which would kick start my sales career working in a team on a structured programme so we can learn together and help each other.

What is your favourite thing about working in the Xeretec Academy?

Every day brings a new challenge. Through the relationships that I have built with my customers I am asked to help with an increasing variety of customer issues. I am always learning about enhancements to the products and services that we offer so that I am able to come up with solutions that will really help solve those problems.

What has been your proudest achievement at Xeretec?

I started from scratch 12 months ago, having to build up a customer base of my own. I am now proud to have a solid customer base including some household name companies. That solid progression is something I am really proud of and I am eager to see what I can achieve in the future.


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