A keen golfer and supporter of Lincoln City; Will Hayward was appointed Senior Business Consultant in August 2017 and has since been involved in a variety of client projects across the UK and Europe.

Xeretec Group prides itself on its people, investing in an assessment team who specialise in providing client assessments, with the help of the new innovative analytics platform – Vision -  they are able to deliver the most in-depth print assessment in the industry. Providing accurate insight into the printing habits of people and departments through to the Total Cost of Ownership of their existing print fleet, they are able to provide advice on how to optimise business efficiency, employee productivity and lower costs.


What attracted you to the role at Xeretec?

After 11 years in the industry I was keen to progress my career in a similar role but in a more customer centric, innovative environment. When I learned that Xeretec invested in their own software product Vision, I thought that it was game-changing and a new, exciting journey I had to be part of.


How does your role at Xeretec differ to previous Assessment teams you have worked in?

At Xeretec we are Business Consultants rather than just ‘Auditors’. This means that not only are we completing a comprehensive assessment but we also pull together recommendations and options for the client to be well informed before making important decisions. It’s great that Vision allows us to create powerful ‘What if?’ scenarios and a TCO so we can clearly demonstrate to clients what they are spending and what effect tweaks to their printing rules and processes would have to their print environment. When we present these to the clients they are always really surprised at the level of detail, and it really helps them to open that dialogue within their business to shape their print estate decisions, it’s brilliant to be able to provide that factual insight.

As an example; we often identify documents that are routinely printed and work to understand with the client the value of having them as physical copies – some clients produce high amounts of forms such as dispatch notes that we have advised can be produced digitally, reducing paper production and streamlining a workflow to be faster and more secure. While this may seem obvious, if a company has a ‘we’ve always done it like that’ mind-set (and many do), then these processes are very easy to overlook. They serve as examples of why there’s tremendous value in using Vision to assess both print and the process in detail.


What’s the most interesting project you have worked on to date?

The best thing about working in this team is that the range of projects we work on is so diverse that it’s hard for me to choose a ‘most interesting’, we also work with a lot of clients under NDA so if I told you…

Seriously though, each project is interesting in its own merit, even where the clients have a mature level of Managed Print Services, in those we are still able to find pockets of wastage and suggest more streamlined ways of working, I really like the challenge with those ones.

I approach each project as a fresh, new challenge and enjoy being able to provide insight and advice to both new and existing clients so that, with Xeretec, they can improve their document workflows and unlock the true value of their MPS.


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