The new year is always a great opportunity to do some forward planning, looking ahead to where your business is going and what it needs to stay competitive over the next 12 months. With IT at the heart of modern organisations of all shapes and sizes, keeping your technology up to date is imperative for staying productive, efficient and, of course, secure.

A frustration with buying new kit outright is, first, that it is very expensive and, second, the pace at which technology evolves means its it is superseded very quickly. Those are two reasons why many companies stay with their existing solutions they have, even though their inefficiency maybe compromising the success of the business.

Older kit also poses a more significant risk; cyber threats are getting ever more sophisticated, and outdated security products and solutions leave businesses vulnerable. In addition to the inconvenience of a data breach to a business and its customers, there is also the issue of reputational damage to take into consideration; would a customer ever trust your company again? Consider too, that Windows 7 is going end of life in January 2020, leaving many businesses’ PCs exposed to risk without free Windows 7 support.

Old tech could also impact your staff and recruitment. Tech that’s slow, unreliable and can’t sync seamlessly with other products, can be a constant source of frustration to staff, especially when they are dependent on it to do their day-to-day tasks. It could be a factor in them thinking about looking for a new job, especially at the start of a new year which brings so much promise. It could even dissuade new recruits from joining your business, especially millennials who are tech savvy and are used to upgrading their devices every 18 – 24 months; your current tech replacement strategy could be preventing talented individuals from joining your business and injecting their new ideas, perspective and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, changes are afoot in  the  consumer world. The likes of Spotify, Netflix and Amazon have made us more accustomed to the ‘as a service’ model, and we now have an expectation for an optimised user experience across our personal devices. Businesses are increasingly identifying with that mindset and adopting models like DaaS in response to customer needs. With DaaS by Xeretec now available - and our tried and tested MPS on offer, too – there’s no need to spend 2019 with legacy tech. Speak to our team to discuss how we can transform your business for the future.


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