We all know it’s tough out there in the print market at the moment

There are plenty of printing companies out there that are keen to win more work.  In fact, a good number of them are probably trying to sell to your current customers right now!  Any printing company is only as good as the last job that they delivered.  It’s hard enough trying to keep hold of your existing business without thinking about new sales as well.

However, we need to face up to the fact that all printing companies are going to lose business over the coming months.  The competition may win some of your customers.  Even if they don’t, some of your clients will start using less print. Or they may go out of business altogether.

Winning new business is a vital activity for any printing company

The trouble is that many printing companies have a reactive mind-set.  They spend their time responding to customers.  Their day is filled by the demands of their clients.  Everything they do is led by people outside their organisations.

Naturally, it is important to provide a great service to our existing customers.  However, if they do not find the time for sales or marketing for new business, printing companies will start to decline.  But many printing companies say that they simply have no time to work on new business.

So how do you find the time to sell?

Selling doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process.  The key to it is to set aside small blocks of time in your diary.  These are as important as client meetings.  You may not be interrupted during this time.  It takes something very serious for them to be moved.  And they do not get cancelled!

Just creating these blocks is the key to successfully starting to win new business.  If you can find three to four hours every week for this, you will achieve results.  The other important ingredient to achieving good results is to know what to do during this time.  It is vital that you use the time profitably and successfully.

Introducing the Xeretec 50-minute challenge!

Xeretec have put together three tasks for you to carry out in your first new business time block.  All of them are quick and easy to carry out.  And all of them win results.

So we are challenging you to spend just 50 minutes on these three tasks.  We also want you to share your results with us. Here’s what we’d like you to do:

1. Ask three clients for a referral

Pick up the phone to three of your trusted clients.  Ask them if they could introduce you to a contact of theirs that could benefit from your products or services.  For the best results, tell your clients what sort of person you would like to be introduced to.  Or tell them the sort of services that you would like them to be interested in.

What happens if your clients are not available?  Send them a quick e-mail.  And make a note to call them back to chase up on this later in the week.

2. Connect with ten prospects on LinkedIn

Research shows that, when it comes to making successful connections, LinkedIn outperforms the phone by 209% and e-mail by 558%.  So it’s crazy not to make LinkedIn a major part of your new business strategy.  Here’s how to get started quickly.

Use the LinkedIn search function to find ten prospects that you would like to do business with.  Send a connection request to each of these prospects.  Make sure you send a personal connection request to each one.  Do you know someone in common?  Have you seen something that they have done that you admire?  Are they doing something that you can help with?  Remember, this is not a sales pitch: this is the start to getting to know someone and seeing if you are a good fit to do business together.

3. Call five lapsed clients and find out why they no longer use you

Many clients stop using their current supplier at some point.  Many printing companies accept this as a fact of life.  They just move on and forget about them.

However, a quick call to a lapsed client often has surprising results.  Often they will talk to you about a new project.  Maybe they moved to a new supplier and didn’t find them as good as they’d hoped.  You will never know unless you continue to keep in contact with lapsed clients.

What results should you expect?

This activity will not result in three new referrals automatically becoming clients.  Nor will all your ten LinkedIn invites become connections, let alone customers.  Some lapsed customers will not want to talk to you again, or may not even exist.

However, the activity that you carry out should result in a number of actions to follow up on.  Following through with the activity you have started will result in some more business.  And this is especially true if you repeat these activities once or twice every week.

Are you ready to take the Xeretec challenge now?!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Set a time in your diary for when you will carry this activity out.  Make sure you keep to it!
  2. Log the results of this first session.  You may be surprised at the opportunities that arise as a result of these 50 minutes.
  3. Share your results below on the Xeretec blog.  We would love to know what progress you are making.  We would also like to hear if there are any other new business activities that you would recommend.

Share your success!

Please share what you have achieved in the comments section below.  Make sure that your business does not suffer from the competition and that you grow rather than decline.  You may find that winning new business is easier than you thought!


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