Long Term Approach

Cloud 9 boast quality, consistency and a can do attitude but with a growing client base and increase in niche requirements they found themselves outsourcing many of their jobs. Identifying an opportunity to bring these jobs in-house to ensure both image quality and adherence to deadlines, Cloud 9 decided to invest in an additional digital printer with greater print stock capabilities.


A Bright Future with New Revenue Streams

The new device supplied by Xeretec, a Xerox DC 700 with it’s consistency in quality and speed has allowed Cloud 9 to manage all their work in-house. It has also opened up additional revenue streams, helping the business to grow further by offering extra services including point of sale items. Cloud 9 have now repositioned themselves as a complete marketing solutions provider.

New Revenue Streams

Cloud 9 are realising the benefits of new revenue streams
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Increased reliability means Cloud 9 have confidence in the jobs they can deliver
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Unrivalled Support

Technical support and insights from the Xeretec team help Cloud 9 with future planning and new growth opportunities

Why Xeretec

“The team at Xeretec is superb and their service, combined with the DC700’s performance, makes an unbeatable combination.”

Peter Caroll, Director, Cloud 9