A Multi-Brand Fleet Causing Chaos

With a broader investment made in technology to reflect advances made in teaching methodologies, over time the school added to its printer fleet. In the opinion of Eltham College’s Piotr Zdarzil, Director of IT Services, this policy resulted in ‘chaos’.

He explains: “Over time, we had amassed over 100 printer models from multiple brands. All had different support contracts and contact points for consumables or repairs. Keeping on top of them was problematic and time consuming, while their many and varied consumables were taking up a lot of the school’s limited storage space”. As well as the headache of running multiple devices individually, there was an overarching problem; lack of visibility into printer usage and importantly, running costs.


Realising Efficiency and Cost Saving Benefits

Determined to take control of its printer fleet and cut its print costs, Eltham College called in Xeretec to conduct a print assessment, to provide some visibility into where savings could be made and where new print efficiencies could be introduced.

Today the school has 35 Xerox printers installed. As well as advising on the fleet, Xeretec proposed the school should change the way it pays for printers and consumables in order to slash its print costs.

Piotr explains “If I need to book an engineer and if the problem is serious, he’ll arrive the same day. We’ve also been able to free up all the room we used for storing the consumables as we can now rely on them being delivered quickly.” Every time he’s called on Xeretec, Piotr describes the experience as being “fantastic”.

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Simplified Billing

Eltham College now have clear view of their print costs
Process - Green 4

Secure Printing

A secure print function has been installed keeping sensitive data secure.

Cost Saving

The school has seen print cost savings of up to 30%.

Why Xeretec

“My account manager feels like an additional member of my team. I’d happily recommend Xeretec”

Piotr Zdarzil, Director of IT Services