Our Four-Step Plan of Access improvements

The recent drive toward remote working, has put significant pressure on key IT capabilities. Through Xeretec’s own experiences of successfully virtualising its own infrastructure to maintain business continuity - and via interactions with our customers - we have identified four areas of access where we believe we can provide you with the assistance that is needed. We know your time will be focused on making sure measures required to realise an effective WFH strategy can be facilitated quickly; that’s why this overview is designed to give you an at-a-glance overview of our Four-Step Plan of Access improvements, looking at our how our solutions can address your immediate challenges.

As a trusted supplier, Xeretec has a responsibility to talk its customers through these key four areas to help reduce disruption and ensure business continuity during these unprecedented times.

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Technology - Orange 2

Get Access

Get priority access to a wide range of mobile tech with no capital outlay
Process - Green 4

Grant Access

Enable secure remote access from any desktop/laptop/tablet, smartphone or via web

Secure Access

Mitigate risk to remote users from hackers and virus attacks into the infrastructure

Speed up Access

Eliminate performance problems caused by increasingly unpredictable network latency and competition among applications

Get Access

Challenge: Sudden need for constrained laptops/tablets with limited capital & Office 365 Collaboration tools

With the sudden need for laptops/tablets for your remote workers and no budget planned for this unforeseen event, we can help with the following:

  • Get priority access to a wide range of mobile tech with the option for no capital outlay via pay per month plan (from 75p per day)
  • Set-up and build completed, total remote and on-site support for remote workers
  • Buy now, pay later option - defer monthly payment by 3 months
  • Office 365 licences optimised or deployed
  • Get the full Microsoft Teams experience for 6 months without being charged for the licence, normally costs £36 per user over 6 months 
Get Access - laptops

Grant Access

Challenge: Increase in demand for VPN access to datacentre/Cloud applications

We can help with your immediate need for VPN access for remote workers needing secure access to the corporate network:

  • Enable secure remote access from any desktop/laptop/tablet, smartphone or via web
  • Easy, simple and consistent native-user experience
  • Rapid deployment within 24hrs with physical, virtual and cloud options
  • “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) 56 day Licence Option - instantly address dramatic peak in demand for remote access in cases of emergency by supporting additional users for a temporary period

Secure Access

Challenge: More remote users creates more risk for hacker and virus attacks into the infrastructure

Ensuring your remote workers have secure access to your infrastructure is vital, we can provide:

  • Multi factor authentication for remote access to services and applications
  • AI driven email phishing and spear phishing attack watchdog preventing account take over during critical periods that works with existing security
  • Protection against Zero Day threats and user error at the PC level using auto VM and quarantine to isolate and track any suspicious files
  • Total IT security and peace of mind for less than 20p per user per day
  • A free email threat detection scan to detect any existing threats 
Secure access

Speed up Access

Speed up access

Challenge: Increased interaction with collaboration tools in the Cloud and more people working from home increases latency and contention on Broadband networks creating issues with performance and productivity

Due to the increased interaction with Cloud applications as more people work from home, users may experience a sluggish delivery due to poor or congested internet connections.  We can help speed up access:

  • Up to 33x faster performance and up to 99% bandwidth
  • End-to-end acceleration and performance measurement of your SaaS applications, O365, SNOW & Sales Force
  • End-to-end acceleration and performance measurement of critical applications hosted on-premises
  • An option to commit to ONLY 6 MONTHS


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