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Every business is on a different stage of their journey to the Cloud. Your organisation may be at the very start, weighing up the associated business and technical benefits. Or perhaps you have already made the move to the Cloud and simply want to ensure you are maximising the benefits through employee adoption and business continuity. Whatever stage you are at, the software you use, how it’s used and how it’s protected is critical to your business success – and we are here to help you every step of the way. We can support you through the entire journey from the initial business case, through to design of the technical architecture, migration, user adoption, support, enhancement, compliance, continuity and much more.

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Stay up to date and secure

You’re guaranteed to receive the very latest software versions and updates as part of your subscription.
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Future-proof your IT infrastructure

Using a cloud-based model you have the flexibility to add, remove or change services as required to scale to meet the demands of your business.

Maximise your budget and save costs

Pay for what you need without needing to purchase hardware or host your new applications.
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Free up valuable IT resources

Utilising the Cloud allows IT to focus on the projects that matter, taking away the day-to-day management burden associated with on-premises hardware infrastructure.

Why should you be considering Cloud services?

Cloud services are fast becoming a business necessity thanks to their ability to empower teams to stay connected, work efficiently and innovate quickly. Fully scalable, and offering instant access to the latest software and security protection, the right Cloud services also help reduce costs and free up valuable IT resources.



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Protect your business


We do not need to state the importance of ensuring your organisation’s platforms and data are secure. The potential cost to your business of a data breach is not only financial but reputational too.
Cloud computing security is a fast-growing service that provides many of the same functionalities as traditional IT security. This includes protecting critical information from theft, data leakage and deletion.

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Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS makes it easy to create and deploy modern, cross-platform web and mobile applications.

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Software as a Service

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SaaS keeps people connected to the data they need wherever they are, optimising team productivity .

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Complementary Cloud Services

Get the most out of your Office licenses and take the headache away from moving data and users to the cloud with our project automation and complete migration services.

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Why Xeretec

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Xeretec is bringing its expertise and experience in service delivery and bespoke solutions to Cloud Services.

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