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Email is still king for workplace communication. It’s also the most popular application for cyber attacks. Figures from Statista.com1 suggest spam emails account for over half of email traffic worldwide. Without an effective email security solution, your company is at risk of a malware or phishing attack.


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Near 100% uptime

Always on, always available services to keep business moving
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One flat fee

One fair flat fee to fit your IT budget, and absolutely no hidden fees.
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Unlimited storage

Pay a fixed price, no matter how much data you archive

Stay in control

Stay connected to your data, no matter where it is

Pay less, get more

Get enterprise-class email protection and archiving for less money than traditional solutions. With no set-up costs or hardware or software to buy, Xift Email Security and Archiving is the most effective cloud-based solution to securing and storing mission-critical and archive emails.

Unlimited storage also means you pay one flat fee and not for how much data you store.



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Keep communication flowing

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Everyone needs uninterrupted access to email in order to work, but the ease of popular outsourced solutions such as Office 365 can negatively affect continuity planning.

Our email continuity services eliminate business disruption, enabling staff to continue working even when the primary email service is disrupted. Administrators can also manage customised portals and monitor for alerts, outages and disruptions.

Office 365 is better with Xift

Office 365 is loved by businesses all over the world, but there are a few things to note. Swapping to Office 365 from an internal email system doesn’t mean you carry the same benefits over. You’ll need 3rd party spam protection. Equally, relying on one supplier means that when an outage happens, you’ll lose email altogether. Xift is a simple, effective way to stay connected to your data and benefit from best practice archiving and security measures.


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