Network Services

Xeretec Network Services (XNS) provides SMEs with access to IT expertise without the need to permanently employ IT personnel. Available on a pay-as-you-go or monthly contract basis, the service minimises business downtime, saving you time and money. As a reseller for Mojo Networks Access Points and Sonicwall products customers also have access to best-in-class Wifi and network security solutions in addition to the supply and installation of laptops, PCs, workstations and servers and general IT equipment.


PC and Workstation Installs

Xeretec Network Systems (XNS) installs and troubleshoots all Windows operating systems along with Microsoft Office and other popular PC applications.


Server Installs

Whether it’s the latest Windows server operating system or maintaining current server hardware, we can support it all. We can also supply servers with virtualised environments using VMware, enabling customers to run several server operating systems on a physical server and reduce hardware costs.

Network Backup Solutions

Onsite and offsite backup solutions that protect servers and data from fire or theft and system crashes are vitally important. Our free assessment of your backup system enables us to recommend a solution that better protects your business data.


On Premise and Hosted Email Solutions

Flexible to your needs, we’ll always start with an in-depth assessment of your business before proposing a solution that we know will work. We support and supply on-premise solutions for customers wishing to host their own internal email server using a range of email server software. Xeretec also supports companies to migrate to Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s Exchange Online.


Network Installs

Our engineers can install network cabling, including fibre, either for a new office or to add additional network points to an existing cable system. Most customers have a mix of cabled networks for PCs, servers, printers and wireless for mobiles, tablets or laptops.

Software Licensing

Our partnerships with leading software providers ensure we can supply all major software brands as boxed products or on volume licensing plans.


Internet & VPN Connections

Many technologies exist to connect your company to the Internet, from ADSL through to faster fibre. The type of connection available usually depends on your office location. Customers with several offices need to link together over secure Virtual Private Networks to enable data sharing. We can review your current internet connection and see what options are available.

IT Security - Endpoint Solutions for Antivirus and Antispam

Protect your data and end users with an XNS software solution that helps you mitigate against viruses and malware threats


System Health Checks

Check your servers and core system are running smoothly and avoid network or server disruption with our free MOT. Contact us for details.

Free Consultation

Let our Network Services team assess your current infrastructure and recommend the most appropriate cover and support. Book now.


"Resilient, reliable and able to grow with us"

"Logic4training has grown considerably over the years with many more staff and new sites being added to the organisation. With this has come increased reliance on and complexity within the IT system we have running our business. Xeretec have been working with us since the very beginning and supported us along that journey to make sure the IT system we have is resilient, reliable and able to grow with us, helping us to deliver a reliable and adaptable system for our staff and customers."

Mark Krull  - Director, Logic4training