Office 365 Migration Project Automation

Data migration can be a complex, time-consuming and risky process involving many steps. This can deter companies from migrating to Office 365. Our migration services safely and securely automate most of this process, eliminating the barriers many companies face. Now every company can harness the efficiency, productivity and cost benefits of deploying Office 365.

Before any project we take the time to understand your challenges and business objectives. Our dedicated team of migration specialists can offer you all the advice and expertise you need and will guide you on the best solution for your Office 365 migration


Migration planner – our web-based application guides companies in migrating with minimal effort and maximum success.
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Migration Sync - a hassle-free way to perform large or staged migrations. Keep the critical pieces in sync and easily adjust your migration plan if necessary.
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Outlook Assistant – Manage and mitigate any potential migration issues with ease with this popular client app.
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Migration Manager – Manage migrations from one central command centre. Rich dashboards keep you informed of all your migrations, stages and users

POP3/IMAP to Office 365 cloud migrations

Combine Office SkyKick Server Sync with SkyKick Outlook Assistant for predictable, trouble-free POP3/IMAP to Office 365 migrations. Suitable for server-side and client-side data, including contacts, calendars, email categories and more, the SkyKick Migration Suite seamlessly automates the entire migration. This ensures you don’t miss valuable information stored only on the client in POP3 and IMAP email environments. SkyKick Migration Suite profiles also ensure customers feel right at home when they get to Office 365.




IMAP POP3 to 365

Google to Office 365 cloud migration

G-suite_O365 migration

SkyKick is the simple way to transition from Google to Office 365. From Gmail and Google Calendar to labels and contacts, SkyKick technology helps get you to Outlook 365 quickly and with less risk. Find out why SkyKick is the go-product for technical teams around the world.




Office 365 Backup

Enjoy the peace of mind of secure backup and quick recovery for all your Office 365 solutions, including Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive.

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