Control Your Colour

Controlling colour output is a critical part of your print business. Your customers want beautiful, consistent colours across their marketing communications. Anything less just won’t do. Xerox production devices have built-in colour management technology such as the Automated Colour Quality Suite for automated on-press calibration and profiling. Xerox print engines are also inspected by third party organisations such as Fogra, IDEAlliance Digital Press, G7 Master and Pantone to ensure they match colour to ISO standards.


EFI Print Servers

Fiery® servers combine state-of-the-art imaging technology with expert colour management tools to give you colour quality control at every stage of the printing workflow. Providing integrated colour management functionality and working directly with the advanced controls in Fiery Command WorkStation®, the Fiery® Color Profiler Suite includes the expert-level tools to create, edit and maintain colour profiles and reliably match colour to a colour reference. Users can also match output across multiple printers to achieve shop-wide consistency.

efi printer

Xerox MatchAssure

MatchAssure produces fast, easy and accurate colour profiles for cross-fleet colour consistency. It combines software loaded on a PC with an attached X-Rite® spectrophotometer to produce a highly accurate Destination Profile for each digital press. Using an inline spectrophotometer or "ILS", MatchAssure can also monitor colour data for selected presses and compare each press’s status to an industry aim (GRACoL or Fogra). This helps you maintain and correct colour quality over time and in-between the creation of profiles.

SaaS Color Management by CMI

The CMI one-touch color management solution boosts productivity and reduces operational costs with savings in the region of one hour per printer per day. Featuring a smart, automated colour management workflow that can be integrated into the production workflow with just one touch and baselines that are automatically set up for any paper stock or production queue, the CMI resolves the shortcomings of most colour management processes. Quality concerns can also be avoided by verifying and, if needed, optimising the colour output. The quick and highly controlled methodology excels in usability, speed and quality. Available as a stand-alone solution or as a component of Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management.


CGS Oris Press Matcher™

For colour accuracy look no further than the ORIS Press Matcher. Providing industry standard cross-fleet colour management, the Oris makes it easy to reliably calibrate your digital presses and get the same colour quality across your short-run and sheet feed print production, day in day out. Key features include compliance with colour industry standards such as FOGRA, Pantone and ICC and compatibility with all major digital file formats for prepress workflows.