Publish date: 24.01.22

South West College contains five main campuses spread across two countries and approximately 850 staff including support staff and full or part-time lecturers. They also host 12,000 active student accounts on the college’s network, all of which require secure email and data protection in Office 365.

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South West College Logo“The main driver for migrating to the cloud was to retire all this hardware and its associated costs“ George Frazer, Technical Services Manager


After transitioning from on-premise email and productivity applications to hosting on Microsoft Office 365, South West College needed to minimise risk for all staff and students whilst maximising IT productivity.

The Challenges

  • Need to secure a vast number of inboxes and protect data in Office 365
  • Increasing numbers of evasive, sophisticated phishing attacks
  • Need to streamline and accelerate incident response processes
  • Limited operating budget requiring stepwise approach to achieving comprehensive security

The Solution

  • Barracuda Essentials – Email gateway defence
  • Barracuda Sentinel – AI driven watchdog
  • Barracuda PhishLine – User training and testing
  • Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for all M365 elements
  • Barracuda Forensics and Incidence Response for isolation and remediation of cyber-attack impact

“Between Xeretec and Barracuda, I feel that we are in very good hands.  The product is really excellent, and whenever there’s been a hiccup of any kind, the support we have got has been very responsive. I’m happy to recommend Barracuda Total Email Protection for anyone using Office 365.” George Frazer, Technical Services Manager