Publish date: 24.05.18

Xeretec carried out a ‘clean sheet’ print assessment for World Duty Free Group in order to propose a solution which would truly fit the business requirements within head office, the distribution centre, and the retail store locations.

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Reliability and security were important considerations within the new printer fleet due to the nature of the business. Xeretec took both of these aspects into consideration suggesting World Duty Free Group invest in managed print service support from Xeretec’s Aberdeen based helpdesk.

Beyond the Call of Duty

Due to the security and legal compliance considerations, measures had to be put in place both during the install programme and for ongoing consumable deliveries to the airport store locations. Xeretec devised a bespoke consumables delivery solution for the World Duty Free Group stores that utilises the distribution centre’s goods lorries. This allows for replacement parts and consumables to be delivered quickly and easily to the stores combined with a labelling system to ensure they are delivered to the correct store and device.

“Xeretec are the first printing company I’ve ever noticed and I’ve worked in a number of businesses. When the Xeretec people came and talked to us about implementation they were very visible, they were very interested in what would work for us. That showed me a calibre of service from day one that was very different.”  Helen O’Byrne, Head of Legal

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