Publish date: 21.06.21

There has never been a time when print businesses have had to cope with such rapid shifts in demand from their market or cope with such high levels of business disruption.

In response, Xeretec has been working more intensely than ever over the last year to identify ways of supporting their customers and help automate and adapt to provide business tools and technology that will see them remain nimble and flexible.

“Having an eCommerce arm for advertising, ordering and payment is an absolute must now,” says Steve Andrew, Group Production Director, who continues: “What we have to offer the market place with effects from the Xerox Iridesse, Versant and PrimeLink presses is the ability to massively broaden and expand your offering as a print provider – so you can take more products to market and drive higher value products with a greater return on investment allowing you to attract a wider range of custom. With up to 11 colours available in the range, now including Fluorescent Pink the imagination for design has truly expanded.

“Another very important strength we have as a business partner and supplier is being able to analyse – in-depth – the customer demographics that a printer currently services, where they want to expand to, and then move to give them accurate intelligence on how they can leverage our technology to get there.”

Indeed, with all three presses able to harness Xerox’ Adaptive CMYK+ technology that feature options such as Fluorescent Pink, Yellow and Blue – as well as Silver, Gold, White and Clear – it opens up a completely different world of opportunity.

Steve emphasises: “People are prepared to pay for something that goes beyond CMYK. We can highlight what applications are growing, where the key diversification opportunities are, and then support printers to produce those applications to capitalise on that growth area in the market.”

The Xerox PrimeLink is a fantastic asset for any design and creative environment within print businesses and agencies that focus on high-quality short run printing and proofing work for premium print and speciality applications.

The Xerox Versant range offers the chance to drive and build volume for applications such as booklets, manuals, magazines, direct mail, personalisation and due to the superb image quality, registration and media versatility is capable of handling short run litho volume.

The Xerox Iridesse meanwhile is a big step up in productivity and media gamut, as well as taking the image quality of the Versant and puts it into a six-colour inline engine. With the Iridesse you can print CMYK and two speciality colours all in one pass.

With a recent survey from Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends highlighting that world-wide 25bn pages is the expected volume of digital print enhancement in 2020, offering a 50 – 400% profit margin on digital print enhancement and a 24 – 89% premium that print buyers are willing to pay over CMYK only, it certainly seems that change is afoot, so, are you ready?