Publish date: 10.11.23

IT managers face a slew of challenges and opportunities that will help define the success of their organisations. To help IT managers navigate this evolving landscape, we've compiled a list of the top 10 IT priorities for 2024, and how Xeretec can help.


Cybersecurity remains a top priority for IT in 2024, and for good reason. With the evolving threat landscape, organisations need to invest in robust security measures, including advanced threat detection, incident response, and employee training, to safeguard staff and customer data, their reputation and the wider supply chain.

Xeretec offer a range of next-gen cyber security solutions, including email & messaging security, data loss prevention, identity and access management, and cloud to cloud backup.

Cloud Optimisation

As cloud adoption continues to grow, IT managers must optimise cloud resources, control costs, and ensure data integrity and availability.
If you’ve been running workloads in the cloud for some time, then you may already know what it’s like. You’ve probably noticed that it can be hard to pinpoint where your cloud budget is going or what’s causing a specific performance issue.

Effective cloud management is essential to extract maximum value from cloud services. Xeretec offer a host of cloud and licence management services, from M365 licence health checks to full cloud ecosystem audits to help you keep on top of spend and increase uptime.

Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of modern UK business and quality data management impacts every facet of an organisation, from operations to marketing.
IT managers are prioritising data management, focusing on data quality, accessibility, and compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.

AI and Automation

Leveraging artificial intelligence and automation can streamline IT operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. IT managers are continuing to explore AI and automation tools to stay competitive.

Xeretec can help automate repetitive tasks and workflows with Intelligent Automation, freeing up staff time and availability for more meaningful work.

Remote Work Infrastructure

The pandemic has accelerated remote work adoption. IT managers must continue to prioritize remote work infrastructure, ensuring employees have access to secure and efficient hardware and remote support.

Xeretec can help lighten the IT workload related to staff remote and hybrid working requirements with Device as a Service. We offer the latest hardware, available via convenient monthly building, with support and lifecycle services bundled in.

Digital Transformation Across the Business

In 2024, digital transformation remains crucial for staying competitive. IT managers are increasingly tasked with lead initiatives to digitise document processes, improve customer and staff technology experiences, and drive innovation across the organisation.

Xeretec can help you to realise your digital transformation goals. We can assist in connecting, controlling and managing workflows, digitising critical processes, as well as and monitoring and improving user experiences.

Sustainable IT

Environmental concerns are driving the adoption of sustainable IT practices. IT managers are evaluating energy-efficient technologies, reduce e-waste, and promote eco-friendly practices within their IT departments.

Xeretec are committed to helping reduce our customers’ environmental impact and are ISO 14001 accredited. We can help you turn your IT environment into a greener and more sustainable place, that you, your employees, and customers can feel good about.

Edge Computing and Data Processing

Edge computing is gaining importance as business demand grows for low-latency, high-volume data processing closer to the source of the data itself. IT managers are starting to explore edge computing solutions, assessing their applicability to their business operations.

IT Talent Development

Attracting and retaining top IT talent is vital to departmental and business success. IT managers are putting greater focus on nurturing their teams, providing opportunities for personal development, training and fostering a culture of innovation to keep up with competitors in an evolving tech landscape.

Compliance and Regulations

Staying compliant with data protection regulations like GDPR and evolving legislation around security is crucial. IT managers should ensure their organisations are up to date with the latest compliance requirements. Xeretec can offer guidance around which technology solutions offer the greatest level of in-built compliance features.

In Summary

As we journey into 2024, IT managers face a challenging but exciting technological landscape. These top 10 IT priorities provide a roadmap for IT managers to lead their teams and organisations to success in this dynamic environment. By embracing these priorities, IT managers can ensure their organisations are secure, efficient, and at the forefront of technological innovation.