Publish date: 16.06.22

Xeretec Wins EMEA Email Protection Partner of the Year 2022 from Barracuda

In an uncertain world where we are observing an unprecedented level of cyber security threats, organisations are looking to do everything possible to protect their assets and futures.

Thorough research undertaken by Barracuda has identified 13 threat types needing consideration when trying to achieve comprehensive email protection. Organisations need to be deploying a combination of technology beyond a traditional gateway solution to ensure defence against these threats. By using a multi-layered approach organisations can combine their secure email gateway with automated incidence response and advanced security awareness training for their staff. By doing so, the ability to defend against ever- evolving and highly sophisticated threats such as business email compromise or account takeover is significantly increased.

Right now a large recent increase in state-sponsored attempts to deliver destructive “Wiperware” is being added to other better-known attacks such as ransomware and malware. Wiperware is designed to destroy systems and data used in the running of key infrastructure services in modern societies. This shows how rapidly new security threats evolve and become important for organisations to consider.

Xeretec has helped many customers better secure themselves by ensuring they are acting on recommendation from Microsoft’s T&C’s (Section 6B) to invest in an industrial strength third party backup for OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint data. This is just some of the work that has resulted in Xeretec being awarded EMEA Email Protection Partner of the Year 2022 by the market leading global security provider, Barracuda.


“Having worked closely with Barracuda throughout the pandemic, we are truly delighted to have been recognised in this way by such a world-leading provider. Moreover it supports our efforts to give organisations confidence that there is a key partner provider on their doorstep to assist in bolstering all aspects of their cyber security defences”

Lucie McSherry, Vendor Manager at Xeretec


Giovanni Goduti, Barracuda Vice President of Sales, EMEA said “Xeretec have had a really great year focusing on Email Protection and delivered 73% growth on new business across many verticals including Education, Retail and Local Government. Xeretec have worked hard to truly understand the customers’ pain around the security gaps that exist in Office 365 as well as developing strong relationships with the Barracuda team so that they are able to offer comprehensive email protection solutions to their customers and resolve those security gaps. Xeretec have also added managed services from Barracuda into their portfolio for those customers that require a managed service.


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