Quality, Reliability and Support

To excel in the highly competitive print market businesses have to be able to consistently provide high quality, quick turnaround print at a competitive cost. 

After a recommendation 16 years ago, Graphico partnered with Xeretec to establish a digital print offering within their existing business and are now able to benefit from the flexibility that digital print offers.

Working with clients within the luxury hotel industry who demand the highest quality, Graphico invested in Xerox print technology to ensure device reliability and quality of print. 



Historically predominantly a litho printer, Graphico, has gradually expanded their digital offering over the years, enjoying the flexibility and speed of a digital press with the quality that is now available from the Xerox Production Printers. 

With Xeretec's ongoing helpdesk support, Graphico are able to reap the full benefits of their solution with the assurance that if there is a problem with the machine they know the support structure is in place to get it back up and running again. 

Generic - Black 8

Tailored Solution

Xeretec took the time to truly understand Graphico so were able to provide a solution that was right for them
People - Blue 6

Flexibility of Digital

With the Xerox Versant 3100 Graphico is able to competitively offer short turnaround, small-run jobs for their clientele

Training and support

Xeretec work closely with the Graphico team to ensure they can get the best out of their new solution
Process - Green 7

Breakfix support and escalations

Xeretec's helpdesk support compliments the Xerox support to ensure Graphico's v3100 is as reliable as possible

Why Xeretec

"Xeretec was a good partner to choose for us because they didn't just sell us a machine they sold us a solution that was beneficial to us and was the right solution for us at the time. Not only did they understand our business so they could offer us a solution accordingly they know what we need at what time and also got us the right configuration of machine for us. Also the training that was involved with the software and backend, showing us how we can manipulate different jobs, different colours etc. If there is a problem with the machine we know that the service is going to be there to back it up."

Abizar Dungarwalla, Director