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Scanning solutions turn paper documents into digital documents, enabling staff to capture, store, access and share them securely anytime, anywhere and from any device. Simplifying file sharing and team collaboration, a digital scanning solution uses optical character recognition (OCR) to turn the labour-intensive manual scanning process into a simple, accurate, lightning-fast activity. This enables forms and documents to be transformed into searchable PDFs, freeing up physical storage space.

Top features include the ability to turn scanned documents into editable Word or Excel files and text searchable PDFs. Or the ability to scan and translate documents into the language you need. The right workflow solution can also be used to better manage controlled information, speed up its traceability and improve the quality of audit reports. This helps improve decision-making and remove complex processes typically loaded with inefficiency and cost. Businesses are also better able to comply with data protection regulation such as GDPR by keeping customer information safe.

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Reduce Storage

Reduce file storage and the burden of clerical processes by digitising everyday documents

Improve Efficiency

Improve processes and facilitate easy sharing and collaboration for better productivity
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File Securely

Reduce security risks and improve compliance by keeping documents safe and secure

Reduce Costs

Streamline document workflow and remove complex processes loaded with inefficiency and cost.

Xerox Mobile Link

Scan, fax and print documents from your favourite phone or tablet with the Xerox® Mobile Link mobile app. Whether you need to capture a signed contract, invoice or purchase order, this nifty solution seamlessly connects mobile devices with Xerox® multifunction printers, making it easy to capture, manage and send documents and forms to email, print or the Cloud.

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Kofax AutoStore

Simplify and speed up manual document handling and processing with the award-winning Kofax AutoStore data capture solution. Facilitating the quick and easy capture, management and sending of paper and digital documents such as invoices, claims and order forms, AutoStore software can automate document-driven processes for any size business, freeing staff from the burden of administration. AutoStore also helps your business eliminate human error, increase operational efficiency, lower costs and better manage data compliance.


Kofax eCopy

Power your business with the Kofax's eCopy capture solution. Using advanced OCR scanning to eliminate data loss and optimise document management, Kofax eCopy makes it easy for employees to securely capture, manage and share documents on the fly. Whether staff wish to collaborate together or with a supplier or customer, employees can use multi-function printers to access document processes in the office, on smartphones or tablets, preventing missed sales and other time-sensitive opportunities. Documents can also be easily captured and archived safely on personal devices with no data loss.

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Xeretec Bespoke Solutions

Xeretec specialises in finding the biggest wins for the smallest investment by unblocking the bottlenecks in business processes. Rather than deliver off-the-shelf solutions peppered with unnecessary features, we tailor our solutions accordingly to deliver the results clients actually need. Paper-intensive processes are often the cause of bottlenecks, so we make it our mission to understand our clients before proposing and delivering a solution that works. And while each solution may be unique, our team of specialists and in-house developers ensure every client from any sector benefits from a workflow solution that streamlines processes for greater efficiency and reduces costs.


The Bespoke Solution From Xeretec

"The bespoke solution from Xeretec has been more than we hoped for. It allows us to focus on more important work rather than having to manually search through our paper delivery notes. The whole process is now digitised using a combination of existing and new software – fantastic."

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Finance Services

We want everyone to benefit from a bespoke print solution as we know the difference it will make to your business. To make it easier to invest in new purchases, we’ve teamed up with leading finance providers including Xerox Finance and HP Financial Services to offer customers the best finance terms at highly competitive rates (subject to status). We’ll also work with our partners to create one easy to manage contract for all the elements of your purchase, irrespective of the number of suppliers involved.