Publish date: 21.10.22

We are delighted and proud to announce that last night, Xeretec won the HP award for Fastest Growing Provider of HP Workstations 2022. Toby Carter-Hall represented the company to receive the award, witnessed by the UK’s most-prominent HP partners.

Considered the high-performance ‘sports cars’ of the personal computing world, workstations bring enhanced processing, cooling, graphics capabilities. Think of them as professional-grade devices with supercharged engines, fuel tanks and carrying capacity – great value and huge productivity gains.

Xeretec has successfully deployed desktop and laptop workstations to the likes of Merson Signs and Apetito, and many other customers. Workstations are perfect for higher power users needing to work on Excel and other office apps, plus have models designed for CAD design and architecture, video, music and graphic design work, 3D rendering and more.

Other notable adoptees of HP Workstation technology include NASA (there are 120 on the International Space station running all life support systems, health checks and experiments) and Dreamworks (the HP “Dreamcolor” screens on HP ZBooks were developed with Dreamworks).

We carry a special HP Accreditation as a workstation partner and can help advise you on specialist applications and use cases across HP’s entire ZBook Workstation portfolio. All devices can be supplied via HP’s ultra-flexible pay-monthly Device as a Service model.

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