Publish date: 02.08.22

Apetito make a real difference by manufacturing food and distributing it to hospitals, care homes, nurseries and some of the most vulnerable people in society. Apetito struggled with procuring the suitable technology for their business requirements and have leant on Xeretec to support them.

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  • Previously purchased kit on an adhoc basis resulting in volatile budget forecasting and high capital outlay
  • Like many businesses, Users were sweating the kit until it became slower and less productive
  • Daily pressure on IT department to manually enrol devices and manage tech issues removing their focus from wider value-add projects
  • Working on a one size fits all basis which meant staff had unsuitable technology for their role and requirements
  • Struggling to find the required stock in the necessary timeframes

The assessment phase consisted of a combination of in-house consultation and powerful business information to really understand Apetito’s existing estate. This was to decipher the age profile of the kit and performance vs user expectations. With this information, we were able to boil down to a simple group of personas and right-size the correct technology based on different user requirements. These requirements were elements such as mobility, quality, and collaboration capabilities. Apetito were also lacking visibility on their end user experience and therefore acknowledged that they were delivering on perceived requirements that weren’t based on any fact.

Xeretec’s DaaS model enables you to bundle together your choice of digital workspace equipment with the associated services which are designed to reduce the menial workload within your business and improve your productivity. This is compiled into a simple cost per month that reduces the need for capital outlay and provides you with the lowest cost of ownership. Apetito included Intune and Nexthink as a wrap around service for their devices. This means when a device arrives at Apetito and is turned on, it will build itself to the tagged user’s requirements with no intervention from IT required. The EUX tool Nexthink, tells Apetito exactly what is going on in their estate and the user experience associated to each device. This has allowed the IT department to go from being reactive, to proactive as they can now identify and rectify hardware and backend performance issues before they occur.

“Before we bought DaaS kit into Apetito, Nexthink showed our user experience score as 3/10. Since moving to our DaaS model it has gone up to nearly 8. To anyone looking at the solution we have invested in, I would 100% recommend you speak to Xeretec”

Mike Calverley, Senior IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager

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