Publish date: 12.07.16

Documents are a crucial aspect to many businesses, and when business processes and customer service depend on documents, device downtime must be avoided at all costs. Staff need to know that a multi-function printer (MFP) is ready to go when they need it most, which is where reliable managed print services can come into play to ensure consistent smooth running of devices and maximised productivity.

There are numerous ways you can ensure that your print environment operates to the best of its ability to keep your staff working productively, and we have listed four examples below:

  • Any time you have to stop one thing to check on a process, it slows you down. For example, if users have to manually check toner or paper before sending jobs, so as not to worry about running out mid-print. Or consider the delays of investigating how many jobs are ahead of them, so users will know if they need to print to a different device if they’re on a deadline. What if the printer offered driver views from the desktop? Users could get a detailed status without having to leave their desk and interrupt their work.
  • Follow-me printing allows users to print from any device on the network, without having to select a particular MFP. This way, if a user discovers that there is a queue of jobs waiting to be printed, or a printer is out of toner or paper, they can simply move to another device and their job can be released.
  • Does the device family use a similar interface across product line? When all MFPs in a line use a common interface, users won’t need to pause or face delays in their work when they move from one department or location to another. They will still be familiar with touch screens and can quickly move on with their task.
  • “Print around”, to keep work moving. Who hasn’t had the unpleasant surprise of discovering their print job has been held up in a queue? Productivity suffers when you’re stuck behind another job that may be unprintable because of an empty paper tray or some other reason. “Print around” means the problem job gets held in memory, while other jobs go ahead and run.

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