Publish date: 09.05.22

We no longer work in a world where people are expected to be in the office between 9am and 5pm every day.

More than half of global businesses – 58 percent* – intend to change their work from home policies within the next year, instituting the option to work indefinitely from home for those whose roles allow for it. Within that group, nearly a third said they were examining implementing that change immediately.

Whilst this brings many benefits it can also bring some challenges to IT departments in terms of printing and print management.  Here are a few ways in which we can help:

Xerox Workplace Cloud Home Worker Print Tracker

The new Xerox workplace cloud home worker print tracker allows companies to bring print management into the home office.  Whether the printer is company supplied or personally owned, jobs sent using a company laptop can be centrally tracked with our cloud service and analytics tools, giving visibility of business-related printing.

  • Print jobs can be assigned to project codes for recharging, or even allow employees to recover costs for personally owned printers.
  • Administrators can also set default print policies to reduce costs, which is especially useful for company supplied printers.
  • For times when jobs just need to be printed in the office, perhaps because they are too large to print on a small personal printer, or they have certain image quality or finishing requirements, these jobs can be sent to the office and released later, when the user is next in the office.  Alternatively, users can nominate a delegate, someone who is located centrally in the office to securely release the job on the home workers behalf.

What is Xerox Workplace Cloud?

Xerox® Workplace Cloud is an award-winning job management and mobility solution which is built around the challenges customers face and features they need.  It focuses on authentication, print management, cost control, content security and mobility.  It is modular, allowing you to buy what you need and is compatible with any brand of printer.

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