Publish date: 30.06.20

Xeretec has announced it is now able to bring even greater workflow process efficiencies to private and public sector organisations, through securing Silver Partner accreditation from UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation company. The announcement comes at a time when many organisations are rapidly accelerating their digital transformation plans in response to the post-pandemic business environment.

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Organisations are now looking to kick-start revenue generation efforts, control inflated costs, free up overburdened resources, address supply chain issues and develop new processes to serve their customers. UiPath’s IA solutions offer them a highly-efficient, productivity-boosting and secure way to successfully address those issues. It does this by emulating and integrating the actions of humans in order to conduct essential – but repetitive – key business processes, utilising user interfaces to capture data and manipulate applications in the same way that humans do. With Xeretec’s assistance, organisations can enjoy the benefits of IA within less than 24 hours of deployment.

Furthermore, by delegating mundane tasks to ‘robots’, staff are able to conduct higher value and more professionally rewarding tasks, instead. This ensures the whole workforce is even better skilled, better motivated, more agile and – critically – that the business is even more competitive. IA enables staff to concentrate on tasks that make a tangible improvement to the business, across departments ranging from HR, payroll, sales, marketing and IT. Its efficiency and accuracy can even ensure that it plays a role in assisting organisations with adherence to legislation or governance mandates like GDPR.

In conjunction with UiPath’s solutions, Xeretec works with clients to configure and automate their software and workflow processes, ensuring they are able to interpret, action responses and communicate with other systems quickly, efficiently and accurately, 24/7. Designed to operate on new and legacy systems, UiPath’s solutions enable organisations to drive even more value from their existing technology assets and, thanks to the efficiency IA brings to key business processes, they can enjoy a rapid Return on Investment. Given its flexibility, it is also a long-term investment, as IA can scale in line with an organisation’s growth.

IA can also work in conjunction with complementary technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. This can help organisations deliver a better customer experience. Communication from customers can be analysed using Natural Language Processing; then, using IA, fast tracked to the right department and prioritised accordingly. This illustrates one of the many roles IA can play in a businesses’ transformation, which is one reason why UiPath has secured itself the position of ‘market leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

By offering UiPath’s solutions, Xeretec is further building on its decades of experience of successfully delivering Managed Print, DaaS solutions and Cloud-based IT services to commercial and public sector customers as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. Xeretec will tailor its IA offering to each organisations’ needs, which starts by understanding a business’ objectives for both the short and long term, then advising and consulting with it as they work together to achieve their goals. Xeretec combines the knowledge gained from this insight with assessments derived from advanced discovery toolsets and bespoke analytics to give customers meaningful data points that help it to align recommended solutions with a client’s goals and strategy for the future.

Russell Lawrie, Head of Business Intelligence, Xeretec, said: “Today’s agile business expects speed, simplicity and accuracy when conducting routine, but essential, business tasks. The streamlining of business processes – as realised by solutions like IA – drives the cost, efficiency and customer service benefits that businesses need; not just to make up the time recently lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to drive their broader strategy for the future. Xeretec’s years of experience in Managed IT environments makes it ideally placed to ensure IA is a core component of its clients’ business both now and in the future.”