Quality, Efficiency and Consistency

Andrew’s Property services were in an MPS contract, but it was not working for them. They were experiencing device quality, reliability and service issues so decided to evaluate different options for their MPS support. Andrews evaluated a number of MPS providers realising that with Xeretec they would get a bespoke solution which would help them address their business objectives.



As a high street estate agency it is vital to Andrew’s Property Services to be able to produce quality printed material easily within a secure environment. Xeretec proposed and installed a fleet of Xerox 7800 series devices with Xeretec Apps and a 'Follow me' print solution to address, quality, productivity and security concerns.

Service - Magenta 1

Helpdesk Support

With Xeretec helpdesk support, the Andrews team were freed up to work on other projects such as their brand new app.
Process - Green 4

Addressing Security

To address GDPR a secure print solution was put in place to help protect confidential customer and business information.

Significant Cost Savings

The targeted 20% cost saving ended up being closer to 30% at the 2nd year review stage.

Consistency of Brand

Using the print analytics software the team found that not all offices were using the correct brand templates for their window displays.

Why Xeretec

"All of the work we’ve done to date has been delivered excellently, I’ve really enjoyed working with the team. All of the work has been delivered to a consistently high standard. It’s one of the most enjoyable working relationships I have, Xeretec is for my mind one of the greatest customer services companies I’ve ever worked with. For a print services company to be in that position is is quite remarkable."

Will Newell, IT Manager, Andrews Property Services