Total O365 Protection & Cloud Back-Up

Curtins are an award-winning consultancy, with over 60 years of experience in the built environment. David Price, Head of IT at Curtins, approached Xeretec to discuss some concerns he had over email security. Xeretec were well placed to advise having gained Platinum partner status with leading email security provider –Barracuda.

Together Xeretec and Barracuda were able to offer Curtins a Total Email Protection solution which has enabled them to overcome the following challenges:

  • High volume of malicious emails 
  • Low levels of staff security awareness
  • No dedicated email archiving or back-up solution
  • Reactive IT stance meant too much firefighting


Process - Green 4

Improved Threat Protection

Using Barracuda’s complete multi-level defence, Curtins have dramatically reduced malicious emails in users’ inboxes
People - Blue 4

Enhanced Security Awareness

Barracuda PhishLine has elevated Curtin’s awareness training with real-world simulation exercises which help to challenge and test staff
Technology - Orange 2

Office 365 Back-Up

The backup capabilities have added an extra layer of risk mitigation in the event of ransomware, whilst saving money on the existing back-up licenses and offering broader coverage to include the entire O365 environment
Service - Magenta 11

More Proactive IT Posture

The email security platform does all the heavy lifting, with an automated process to identify the nature and scope of an attack, immediately eliminating malicious emails, and carrying out remediation actions rapidly to halt an attack’s progress and minimise damages; which in turn allows the IT team to focus on higher value tasks

Why Xeretec & Barracuda

“The solution from Xeretec and Barracuda has offered us many benefits, many more than I initially set out to achieve.  The features within the Total Email Protection package have dramatically improved the security of our emails and data.  I now feel confident and in control of our email security, allowing myself and my team to concentrate on other projects within the business.”

David Price, Head of IT, Curtins