Publish date: 28.07.22

G. Modiano Ltd. is one of the world’s pre-eminent wool traders and processors. The company traces its origin back to 1875, although the company which exists today was founded by Jo (Giuseppe) Modiano in 1957 and since then has become the largest producer of wool tops in the world. Technology empowers G Modiano to connect with their representatives and clients across the globe, placing the need to find the suitable communications solution as a top priority.

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  • An old and inflexible existing telephony solution which was only deployed in the UK and Turkey – could not connect to other global locations
  • Disparate systems that needed to be upgraded and consolidated across the business
  • Inability to call global locations without high international calling charges
  • Using two separate communication platforms became an inefficient way for employees to work


G Modiano started using Microsoft Teams for internal communication and collaboration just before
the pandemic hit in 2019, but soon recognised a few missing elements associated with user experience that needed to be addressed. As staff were mobilised and remote working became the new normal, employees were having to switch between systems depending on if they were communicating internally on MS Teams, or externally on a separate telephony solution. It was an inefficient way for people to work paired with the additional requirement of needing to make global calls on a daily basis.

As an existing Xeretec Managed Print customer for 7 years, G Modiano knew that they could turn to Xeretec for trusted advice and market expertise to help evaluate the options available to them. It was important for G Modiano to find a solution which they could manage themselves and not rely on a third-party vendor for support queries. It was also essential that telephone numbering could be provided in all of their global locations from one centralised solution.

Utilising the native interface, functionality and investment of Microsoft Teams whilst having integrated telephony capabilities with the existing infrastructure was the end goal.

“Xeretec didn’t try and just sell us a product. They listened, understood our requirements, and acted as an expert consultant to present the best fit solutions that were right for us. Our people really trust the solution and it has therefore reduced the need to travel internationally for meetings. This has given time back to our employees; increased their ability to focus on value-add projects and allowed a hybrid working model to succeed”  

Perry Willis, Head of IT, G Modiano



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Sippio with Microsoft Teams Integration has  provided G Modiano with an intuitive platform of which they can control themselves. Perry Willis concludes “The experience we received from Xeretec as experts in the field and from Sippio as our solution provider has been impressive. The process of SIP migration and office line integrations has been flawlessly managed with no disruption on day to day working at G Modiano. Furthermore, the additional features such as easy to digest user training has made the whole transition even easier”.