Publish date: 13.07.23

“My team think Aternity is fantastic, it has been a gamechanger for them and is the first tool they login to each day. It has transformed the way we work and how IT is perceived as a department throughout Tate & Lyle“ - Brett Edwards, Global IT User Adoption Manager, Tate & Lyle

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Tate & Lyle are a global leader in ingredient solutions for healthier food and beverages, headquartered in the UK. They have been operating for over 160 years and now have 3,700 employees working across Europe, Asia, and North America. Xeretec first started working with Tate & Lyle in 2015 by providing a managed print solution. The relationship that was built over this project, allowed Xeretec to become a reliable and trusted partner. As a result, when Xeretec expanded their expertise and portfolio, so did the conversations with Brett and his team.

Drivers for change:

  • Desire to improve digital employee experience across all users globally
  • Gain end-to end visibility, monitoring, and management of all systems
  • Reduce manual workload for IT department
  • Improve remote IT support for hybrid and field workers


Alluvio Aternity – the only product on the market offering Tate & Lyle –

  1. Active alerting
  2. Licence auditing
  3. Asset management
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