Publish date: 23.11.23

In today's business landscape, a substantial portion of IT budgets is allocated to hardware: this encompasses phones, computers, and printers but this spend includes little else to help manage the lifecycle of these devices. Given the surge in hybrid work, the demand for high-performance mobile computing devices is on the rise. This brings about the question: how can you manage costs and IT workloads, all whilst ensuring access to cutting-edge technology? The answer lies in Device as a Service (DaaS).

The DaaS industry is on track to reach $10.7 billion globally by 2023, landing on the radars on IT leaders everywhere. But what exactly is DaaS? DaaS stands for “Device as a Service,” a revolutionary concept where you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in the comprehensive support and service package that accompanies it. Whether it’s a laptop or any other end-point device, opting for a DaaS purchasing model provides access to an experienced account management team, setup and deployment, and accessories throughout the device’s lifecycle.

DaaS goes beyond the conventional purchase model by offering additional benefits like flexible payment plans. Instead of upfront spend, you make a monthly service payment, akin to subscription services for software licences.

Here are some compelling reasons why DaaS is transforming the way organisations acquire technology:

Time and IT Resource Savings

Managing devices can be time-consuming, especially for routine OS or patch updates and device deployment and decommissioning. DaaS streamlines these tasks, allowing your teams to focus on their core responsibilities.

Access to the Latest Tech

Stay ahead of the curve with DaaS, which automatically grants access to essential hardware upgrades as they become available. This ensures your technology remains cutting-edge, enhancing productivity.
HP EliteBook Dragonfly G4 in use

End-to-End Lifecycle Services – from deployment to recycling

From initial purchase to device retirement, DaaS offers continuous support from a dedicated account management team and our UK-based helpdesk.
Recycling and decommissioning options are seamlessly integrated into the full lifecycle management of the device.


DaaS assists businesses in adapting to changing circumstances by offering scalable tech and IT support. It eliminates uncertainty during transitions, such as the shift from traditional office-based workers to hybrid models.

Flexible Agreements

DaaS accommodates changes in workforce size, allowing you to swap out devices at regular intervals as needed. This flexibility is beneficial for businesses going through expansions or re-organisation.

Performance Metrics and Analytics

We can help you to analyse individual device usage across hardware and apps, helping you to make adjustments to tech deployed and licences where required. These metrics help you to control costs and gives users hardware that appropriately matches their workload.

Hybrid-Worker Friendly

Facilitate the digital transformation for all workers with DaaS, regardless of physical location. We offer a range of device bundles or bespoke builds suitable for hybrid, home-based, or office-based teams.
Hybrid worker at desk

Enhanced Security

Help boost IT security with DaaS, which is designed to embed seamlessly into your existing cyber security strategy. Intelligent security features, such as HP Proactive Security, help you to stay ahead of potential risks.

Increase Cash Flow

DaaS offers a manageable monthly cost structure compared to traditional purchasing models that require initial upfront investment. Forecasting becomes easier as previously standalone services are included in the plan, further increasing cost efficiencies.

Improved Employee Experience

Boost employee morale by providing them with top-tier tech with DaaS. This not only serves to alleviate workload and productivity burdens but also signals that you value their contributions.

In summary, with 10 compelling reasons to consider DaaS, now is the ideal time to explore its potential benefits. Our DaaS team is ready to guide you through the efficiencies and cost savings your company can achieve. To get started, reach out to us today for a personalised assessment of your needs.