Best-in-class assesments

Our dedicated print assessment team combine their expertise with the powerful in-house analytics tool Xeretec Vision to deliver the best print assessment in the industry. Providing you with accurate insight into the printing habits of people and departments through to the TCO of your existing print fleet, our team can help you seamlessly transition to a managed print service that optimises business efficiency and employee productivity, lowering costs. Vision’s interactive dashboard reduces the need for endless spreadsheets and reports.

Xeretec Vision combines analytics with powerful ‘what if’ scenarios, providing you with the facts you need to confidently deploy solutions that will optimise your print environment. 

Total Cost of Ownership

Understand the true TCO of your print fleet and print environment
Process - Green 5

Document & Application Analytics

Find who is printing what, where and when with real-time document and application analytics
Service - Magenta 11

User Analytics

Get visibility into the printing habits of staff and departments with tools that help you control usage and lower costs
Service - Magenta 7

What If Analytics

Understand how potential changes could positively impact your business with “what if” analysis powered by our Vision tool

Meet the Assessment Team

Our dedicated assessment team are experts in the analysis and simplifying of print and document practices. Using solution modelling and our powerful, internally-designed Xeretec Vision tool which provides a detailed view of the print environment, they help customers improve business efficiency and performance and meet key objectives. Our consultants  will also compare the benefits of proposed solutions against existing practices so you can clearly see the impact of any changes to your business before they are implemented.


A Different Assessment Process

Our print assessment focuses on 4 key areas:

Robust current & future state - our assessment ensures we align to your strategic drivers and goals, is fact based and we give you a clear view of service delivery, change management and implementation plan.

Document & Application analytics - we assess the types of documents being printed, high usage applications and colour usage to identify opportunities for improvement.

Service & support assessment - we assess current pain points with any existing helpdesk or service desk provision,  as well as breakfix history and consumable processes so we recommend the right solution.

Security, Environment and Mobility assessment - security, impact on the environment and mobility are important areas to address. We will identify where your current gaps are so you can prioritise.


Xeretec Vision

Our in-house software development team created Xeretec Vision, a dynamic business analytical platform to provide you with a detailed view of your print environment. Vision combines analytics with powerful “what if” scenarios to easily identify inefficiencies and provide solutions for a more effective managed print service. Information is displayed on a graphic and interactive dashboard for easy analysis and interpretation. Vision provides you with the facts you need to confidently make decisions that optimise your print environment.